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Safety Health & Environmental Policy

Plasel Plastics aspires to be the leader in product quality and manufacturing technology for the benefit of its customers, the environment while maintaining the occupational safety and health of everyone who passes through its gates.   


The factory was established at the Galilee with the intention of providing an additional place of employment for the residents of the area, which is good for its workers and is environmentally friendly.       


The company has made it its goal to constantly make improvements in the following fields:


  • Occupational health and safety: prevention of harm to the workers and their health.
  • Prevention or mitigation of negative influence on the environment


This is done both due to its great importance in the eyes of the management and with the intention to continue improving the company’s image in the customers’ eyes and other interested parties.


These are the consequential principals:

  1. All activity is carried out according to predetermined procedures and with accordance to Israeli Standard requirements ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007.  Requirements and expectations of customers in the local and abroad market, including environment related rules and safety and health occupational rules.
  2. The company employees are its most important asset in the constant improvement implementation. All employees are aware of the company’s policy and take part in its implementation and the effort to achieve its goals. In order to increase awareness in these fields and presenting relevant new information, the company insists on carrying out regular and ad hoc briefings.
  3. Constantly improving company performance in the fields of protecting the environment, occupational safety and security (by using the best technologies available), education, employee briefing and assimilation of quality management methods.
  4. Allocating the proper resources for the planning and execution of acts which will ensure the quality and safety of the work environment, will preserve the environment and prevent its contamination.
  5. An obligation to cooperate and consult with employees, contractors and other interested parties in order to promote the subjects of occupational safety and health and the protection of the environment.
  6. Full cooperation with the certified authorities in the fields of occupational safety and health and the protection of the environment.
  7. In accordance with the information mentioned above, the company nurtures its human resources in order to increase their satisfaction with their job , as well as their sense of belonging and contribution to the company.
  8. Within the framework of management surveys which will be conducted at least once a year, the company management will define goals in the field of the environment and occupational health and safety and will set measurable objectives in order to reach these goals.
  9. Part of the company’s main goals are to reduce environmental contamination, prevent and remove hazards as well as occupational safety and health risks.
  10. Plasel Plastics gives priority to suppliers who operate an environmental management system and an occupational safety and health system.
  11. The policy will be available to the public.